Financial District & Space pod @Boat Quay

We flew straight from Taiwan to Singapore, I know we are hardcore, had everything planned in a tight schedule, but we already knew that Singapore is going to be a relaxing and just enjoying with a little sightseeing and lots of food & Marina Sands Bay!

Okay, fun story before I tell you how our first day went.

My bestie, Antigona, didn’t know where we’d stay the first night. Her birthday was the next day and we’d only need a place to stay for a night for few hours, before switching to Marina Sands Bay Hotel.
I thought this is going to be a fun surprise to stay in a space pod. Since she’s very open to new things and crazy adventures – this’d be perfect.

When we were younger (teenagers) I promised to take her to a spaceship, don’t ask me how and why I said that, I wanted to show her th
e world with my view, I guess – little did I know I’d keep that promise lol. BUT what I didn’t know at that moment was, that she has Agoraphobia… the first reaction of her was, „Oh my god Jash.. are you kidding?“ and my reaction was just falling into our double „bed room“ spaceship and dozing away. When we now look back at this situation, we’d laugh so much and cry and make fun of each other. Happy Birthday baby hahahahahahahahaa

first impression after throwing our stuffs in it

First evening was short but still an intense one. I organized a driver from the airport to the Space pod hostel, which was in Boat Quay. The driver was so humble to wait for us, since it took a lot of time, to get trough the authority. He waited more than 1 hour and was so friendly and understanding. We felt so bad and he was so heartwarming and welcoming us in his country, he let us forget about this quickly.

Space pod hostel

Arrived at Boat Quay he couldn’t drive us further, since it was a pedestrian road. Okay task no. 2 without any internet connection we’d move around but I gave up early and asked an Italian waiter, who’d tell me the direction and we found it finally. Task no. 3 this hostel has no elevator… phew, it was already 30 celcius and how’d we carry our luggages which where between 23 kg and 26 kg to the third floor? We somehow managed it with a lot noise and a little help. So after all those obstacles we just lay down for a bit in our pod and enjoyed the inner technical equipment.

After a quick shower and changing into (finally) fresh clothes we went out to have dinner. We decided to walk around to explore the Boat Quay area and then have dinner at the Italian restaurant, where the waiter was, who helped us earlier to find our hostel.

Time flew by and soon it was my besties birthday.
We celebrated it in the financial district – having a good chat by the water, a drink, looking at those city lights and just enjoy our presence and our first night in Singapore.