Colmar, the most Alsatian city of Alsace!

Hi guys, I’m back in Switzerland from my travelings and got finally time to update you on what I’ve been up to in January. If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been to several places in Europe (road trip). As you know I had family from Canada over, my  and that was the perfect excuse to explore more of Europes beauty and its history.



While my brother and my cousin were exploring Amsterdam that week, I took my mother and my aunt to explore „the country town“ Colmar. I’ve been there already once with my friend but it’s never enough. Colmar is famous for its half-timbered houses, tarte flambe, cute cafes and it’s beautiful atmosphere.

Everything was very spontaneous, so I booked an Airbnb via two nights before. I only played CHF 65.00 which is amazing for 4 people. We stayed at the
„Les Appartements de Home Petite Venise“, it was in the center of Colmar and since we drove there with the car, it was very easy to park the car and walk to the house. The apartment itself was very comfortable with lots of woods and cute furnitures. The view was amazing! We saw the city and the famous petit venise of Colmar through the window. Let me show you some picture of the apartment so you know what I mean.


As we arrived there early and everyone knows what that means.. it was TIME FOR?!
Exactly BRUNCH TIME or TEA TIME! Since we had to wait until we could check in, we strolled around and saw this beautiful cafe right the corner. It’s called „L’Artemise“ – beautiful interiors, friendly staff and delicious cakes and tea!

BELIEVE me – it was so YUMMY!!!! A must if you go to Colmar.
Thank me later.

Anyways, we were there for one full day and the morning and then we’d start driving to Strasbourg and then Luxembourg. You could say it was a mini road trip and the first time I was driving all by myself. Trust me, that was an adventure for me LOL. I lost my patience, my nerves and even started to scream sometimes at other drivers, but whatever we survived – that’s the main point lol.

IMG_1543 2

Since we had a day, we took it very easy and strolled around the cute village town, had coffee & drinks, cake & their famous tarts. This trip was just so relaxing.
Strolling around, exploring every corner and just taking in the atmosphere.